What’s law got to do with it?


This e-learning object is a stand-alone object targeted PhD students, who are interested in legal issues related to research.

The object is originally developed for the Responsible Code of Research (RCR) course at the University of Southern Denmark.

Thank you to the Committee for Protection of Scientific Work (UBVA) for letting us connect to your work at forskerportalen.dk and undervislovligt.dk.

Kategori: Forskningsintegritet
Niveau: Svær
Institution: SDU
Uddannelsesniveau: Ph.d
Fagområde: Tværfagligt
Emneord: responsible conduct of research; rights to data; rights to research; declarations of authorship
Indeholder: Video, HTML
Udarbejdet af: Kirstin Remvig, SDUB
Udgivet af: Kirstin Remvig, SDUB
Udgivet: 08.11.2016
Sidst revideret: 17.01.2019
Udgivet under Creative Commons: Ja